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You Can Drive The New Nissan Leaf With One Pedal

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Nissan_Leaf_TeaserOne of the first things you learn as a driver in America is that the pedal on the right is the accelerator and the pedal on the left is the brake. When the car needs to start moving, keep moving, or speed up you use the accelerator. If you need to slow down or stop, the brake pedal is the one for you. Simple, right? Well, Nissan has announced plans to change all that with the available e-Pedal on the upcoming Nissan Leaf.

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A Nissan Leaf driver with an equipped car will just have to flip a switch to activate the e-Pedal option. Instead of driving with both pedals, the driver would change how they use the accelerator to slow down or speed up. The acceleration part of driving would stay the same in that a driver’s foot would press down to go faster and hold in place once it reaches the desired speed. When they hit curves or other things that require the car to slow down, the driver will ease off of the e-Pedal to decrease speed without touching the brake. To stop the car altogether, even in hilly conditions, a driver just removes their foot from the e-Pedal completely. According to the automaker, the Nissan e-Pedal will cover 90% of a driver’s needs.

Nissan Leaf e-pedal

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Since the 2018 Nissan Leaf has not been completely revealed, we have no idea what trim levels this new technology this will be on. It will certainly be an adjustment to the early adopters that use the e-Pedal, but in the long run it might make driving feel more natural and road changes easier to react to.