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2020 Cadillac CT5 to Debut GM Digital Nerve System

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 Photo: Cadillac

Back in April, Cadillac debuted the new 2020 CT5 sedan at the New York International Auto Show. While some fans might be anticipating this model’s potent 3.0-liter twin-turbo 335-horsepower V6 engine and luxurious leather-and-wood interior, it turns out that there’s an additional reason to look forward to the CT5. Per The Verge, GM will debut its new digital nerve system tech on the 2020 CT5. 

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The digital nerve system

This platform will enable GM to trigger over-the-air software updates on all of its vehicles. President of GM Mark Reuss believes the new system will “deliver the future of connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity.”

If you’re not familiar with OTA updates, the digital nerve system will work similarly to Apple or Samsung smartphone updates. Per The Verge, GM can use the OTA updates to fix problems like engine malfunction and tweak performance features like steering quality and fuel economy. The technology also has the potential to automatically update a vehicle’s safety systems when its current technologies become outdated. 

The system will be able to handle 4.5 terabytes of data an hour. That’s the equivalent of approximately 500 movies’ worth of data, according to Reuss. Except unlike with films, the system would process sensory data such as real-time traffic and road conditions, LIDAR input, and camera footage it gathers from the vehicle’s environment. 

Industry impact

According to Reuss, the digital nerve system will have a significant impact on the auto industry. The OTA updates it will enable will allow automakers to provide customers with a better vehicle ownership model. It will also save dealerships money since the electronic updates will take care of maintenance items that used to require the owner to physically bring their vehicle to the dealership for service.  

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News Source: The Verge