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Acura Promotes New 2017 MDX with Beck Single “Wow”

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'Performance Like Wow': 2017 Acura MDX Ad Campaign Features Beck's 'Wow'

In order to plug its new flagship luxury SUV, Acura is pulling out all of the stops for the launch of the 2017 MDX.

The brand’s integrated marketing campaign for the sport utility vehicle begins today, and includes not one, not two, but three “high impact” television spots. The commercials focus on the “youthful confidence, high-level performance, and upgraded safety and technology features” of the new MDX.

The centerpiece of the ad campaign is “Anthem,” a 30-second spot which features the trippy Beck single “Wow,” and promotes the MDX as being, well… like, wow.

Take a look:

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In the second spot, “Focus,” the catchy riff from Beck’s “Wow” makes another appearance, as Acura touts the MDX’s AcuraWatch safety feature. The commercial dramatizes a way in which AcuraWatch protects a father and his son from certain driving distractions (one of those distractions being a new Acura NSX supercar).

The third and final ad, “Wake,” shows the Acura MDX getting a car wash from some airplanes (though not, strangely, HondaJets). And, of course, Beck sings “Wow” again:

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By this point, the theme is pretty well established.

“The new Acura MDX is a true performance SUV, and this campaign speaks to the ‘Wow’ factor that drivers will experience when they get behind the wheel,” says Acura executive Jon Ikeda.

Only time will tell if car customers are similarly wowed.