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Alfie Deyes Shows Off His New Loaner Audi R8

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Any long-time PointlessBlog viewer knows that Alfie Deyes’ dream car is an Audi R8. He’s been behind the wheel of the luxury sports car a few times, and in Tuesday’s vlog, he teased his new ride: an Audi R8.

That is, his for the next six weeks.

Unfortunately, the Audi R8 isn’t exclusively Alfie’s. While it’s not clear just yet who is loaning him the vehicle, although it’s likely Audi UK themselves, Alfie announced to his audience that he’d have the vehicle for about a month and a half. “It’s not mine. Let’s just say I’ve been lent it for six weeks.”

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While we only received a quick sneak peek of the vehicle, Alfie did tell his audience they’d get a closer look at the vehicle in upcoming vlogs. “I’m not going to show it in today’s vlog because the weather isn’t the best.” The lack of sunny weather, common for England, is probably why Alfie has yet to post a photo of the car to Instagram, but we expect that’s coming too.

Of course, after Alfie gave his girlfriend, popular YouTuber Zoe Sugg (Zoella), a Nissan Figaro for their anniversary, many of us expected Alfie to get the R8 as a gift (which may still be to come). However, having the R8 as a loaner during unpredictable winter and spring weather gives Alfie a chance to really find out how the car drives in every weather condition.

This isn’t the first time a British YouTuber has been lent vehicles by car manufacturers, either. In fact, Zoe’s brother, Joe Sugg, held onto a R8 for a few weeks, too. He had a gray Audi R8, loaned directly from Audi UK.

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It seems like only a matter of time before Alfie bites the bullet and picks up an Audi R8 of his own. Until then, Alfie plans to have fun with the loaner car. “We’re gonna have some fun,” Alfie said about the loaner R8. “We’re gonna get up to some cool stuff.”

Watch the teaser clip here: