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Audi Celebrates the Great Outdoors with the AI:TRAIL

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Photo: Audi

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” Doc Brown famously said, as he launched Marty McFly and a levitating DeLorean into the far-flung futuristic year of 2015. It turns out that Audi also has a concept vehicle that’s envisioned for a road-less future — but the new Audi AI:TRAIL quattro runs on electricity, not on trash shoved into a Mr. Fusion machine.

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Meet the AI:TRAIL quattro

The visionary AI:TRAIL quattro is an electric off-roader that’s built for emissions-free outdoor exploration. This four-seater features signature windows that extend all the way around the cabin for all-around visibility. Plus, it’s got a huge battery capacity, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice while exploring the great outdoors.

Unlike many high-tech concept vehicles, the AI:TRAIL quattro doesn’t feature big screens, streaming services, or video conferencing capabilities. Instead, this futuristic machine is all about connecting with nature.

Cool design, inside and out

The brawny AI:TRAIL stands on enormous 22-inch wheels that enable it to tackle the toughest terrain you can throw at it.  It also boasts a ground clearance of 13.4 inches and it can ford water that’s 1.6 feet deep. And despite it’s high-capacity battery, the AI:TRAIL weighs just 3,858.09 pounds. That’s partially thanks to its lightweight body, which is crafted from high-tech steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

The AI:TRAIL also has a fascinatingly futuristic feature — a built-in fleet of five rotor-less drones. These electric flying machines are called Audi Light Pathfinders, equipped with integrated matrix LED elements. They fly ahead of the AI:TRAIL, basically functioning as its headlights. They even have onboard cameras that can transmit video to a display in the cabin.

Inside, the AI:TRAIL sports a clean, stylish, and spacious cabin. Its open design allows passengers to focus on the surrounding area, while the cabin’s mixture of soft wool, recycled leather, and rough granular surfaces also evoke an earthy, natural feeling. The seats can even be removed and placed outside if you’d like to stop at a scenic point, have a picnic, and enjoy the view.

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