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Audi Partners with Cerence Inc. to Create New AI Voice Assistance

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AI voice assistance
Prepare to connect with your Audi like never before
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A growing aspect of automotive design is the use of artificial intelligence. This developing technology allows drivers to interact with various systems and features in their vehicles like never before, and each new model year brings new innovations in the field. One of the most exciting applications of this tech is in a new kind of conversational voice assistance. To successfully implement this system in its newest vehicles, Audi is teaming up with Cerence Inc. to create a next-generation AI voice assistance.

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Behind Audi’s new AI voice assistance technology

On May 20, 2020, artificial intelligence developer Cerence Inc. announced that it will be bringing its new Cerence Drive platform to Audi. The platform will deliver an unprecedented conversational experience to Audi drivers and enhance the manufacturer’s new voice-assist technology. This new system will allow for real-time navigation and infotainment access, giving drivers their content, services, and features faster and safer than ever.

The Cerence Drive platform uses speech recognition, natural language understanding, text-to-speech, and speech-signal enhancement to create an automotive assistant that’s more conversational than any previous system. Select Audi vehicles will now be able to understand, listen, and respond to individual drivers, as well as ask questions, navigate complex commands and queries with multiple steps, and offer options that can be chosen by the driver.

“The purpose of our Audi Connect platform is to create deeper integration and interaction between the driver, the car, and the outside world for an intelligent travel companion that’s with you every step of the way,” said Martin Deinhard, Audi’s Head of Development Connected Services & Speech Assistant. “The innovations within the Cerence Drive platform empower a conversational mobility assistant and infotainment experience that makes it safer and more natural than ever to interact with your Audi vehicle.”

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Audi’s new AI voice assistant platform is now available for drivers to experience in Audi’s A1, A4, A6, A8, Q3, Q7, and e-tron models. Even more models with the tech are expected to release later in 2020.