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BMW ConnectedDrive Strengthens the Bond Between Driver, Vehicle

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Being overly connected can sometimes be a bad thing.  There’s nothing quite like a friend, family member, or significant other who calls, leaves a voicemail, sends a text, sends an email, calls again, texts again, comes to look for you at work, calls an emergency contact, all while you’re sitting through fifteen minutes worth of previews before a two-and-a-half hour movie.

Relationships are about balance; staying in a reasonable amount of contact from a reasonable distance.  Now, BMW drivers can maintain their relationship with the world around them from behind the wheel with ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive offers a freeing sense of connection, allowing BMW drivers to access a multitude of features and functions all from the roomy comfort of their vehicle.  ConnectedDrive’s services and apps allow for a better bond with the world around you by facilitating tasks and making more time for the necessary things.  Like needy friends.  And actual driving.

ConnectedDrive Services include a vast number of handy apps, allowing BMW drivers to search the internet with Google, get dining recommendations from BMW Online, and transfer addresses, phone numbers, and travel coordinates to their BMWs with My Info/Send to Car.

BMW ECO PRO Analyzer allows drivers to measure their driving efficiency, useful for sustaining the vehicle’s life.  BMW Routes and BMW Online Weather help drivers with up-to-the-minute updates on traffic and weather conditions to guarantee the safest, most comfortable ride possible.

For the businessperson on the go, BMW ConnectedDrive allows your vehicle to become an ersatz mobile office with BMW Online Office, Bluetooth Office, Message Dictation, News, and Calendar.  ConnectedDrive also offers a broad selection of available music apps, from Stitcher to Pandora to Audible, as well as the mandatory social media access so that you can account for all of the panicked tweets and Facebook messages wondering where you are and if you are okay.

And with BMW ConnectedDrive Remote Services, you are linked with your BMW even when you are apart.  The link between BMW drivers and their rides gives new meaning to the old adage—if you love something set it free.  Now, if only our roommates would abide by that same idea.

Brought to you by Newbold BMW, St. Louis, MO