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BMW’s Redesigned M6 and 6 Series Unveiled in Detroit [PHOTOS]

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BMW debut Detroit 2 M6 and 6-Series Unveiled in Detroit

All three new models premiering at the 2015 NAIAS
Photo: BMW North America

BMW was one of the first automakers to take the stage today at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). In a relatively subdued presentation (which is no surprise considering how discreet its presence at the Los Angeles Auto Show was) by the automaker, the president of BMW North America (in a snazzy purple tie) emphasized its reputation and legacy.

Coming off successful 2014 sales numbers, executives with BMW North America were proud to have the M6 and 6 Series unveiled in Detroit, furthering BMW’s identity as the leading premium brand.

BMW M6 and 6 Series Unveiled in Detroit with Instrumental Accompaniment

M6 and 6-Series Unveiled in Detroit red BMW 650i convertible

New BMW 650i Convertible
Photo: BMW North America

In a lengthy speech about the reputation and history of BMW in North America–being the 40th anniversary of the automaker’s presence in the States–executives showcased the original 1975 3.0 CSL that marked the automaker’s Motorsport premiere in the United States.

Then, after having waited behind the scenes under tight grey cloaks, three vehicles hit the stage, each accompanied by its own unique theme music:

  • Elegant strings introduced the refinement of the BMW 650i four-door Gran Coupe
  • An electric guitar and drums announced the arrival of a muted-yellow BMW M6 Coupe
  • The BMW 650i Convertible was heralded by a smooth saxophone and keyboard
BMW debut Detroit M6 and 6-Series Unveiled yellow

BMW 650i Convertible
Photo: BMW North America

Once all three models were on stage, the music merged into one upbeat melody, concluding the premiere of the redesigned M6 and 6 Series. The closing speaker (a member of the Board of Management) emphasized how each new model offers features tailored to different customers, all offering the same high-performance handling.

Off-stage, BMW is also showcasing its “drive module prototype” for an hydrogen fuel cell, as well as the latest model years of the i-series electric vehicles, and expansion of ChargeNow and DriveNow services. Nevertheless, the coupe, gran coupe, and convertible versions of 6-Series and M6 models on display are quite impressive.

BMW debut Detroit M6 and 6-Series Unveiled white Gran Coupe

New BMW M6 Gran Coupe
Photo: BMW North America