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BMW Mocks Tesla’s Waiting List

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BMW 330e plug-in hybrid

The wait list for Tesla’s Model 3 keeps growing, and drivers will have to wait at least a year before the car even enters production, and that’s only if everything runs smoothly. After that, Tesla still needs to have a high volume of production to be able to fill all of the orders, and some people on the list could be waiting up to two years from now to receive a vehicle. BMW is taking the opportunity to mock the electric car brand while promoting its own line of hybrid cars, which are available right now, by the way.

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Both new commercials focus on how long shoppers will have to wait if they want the new Tesla model, without calling out the brand by name. In the first commercial, a man is waiting on the steps to his home, clearly bummed out, as he watches his neighbors hop into the new BMW 330e plug-in hybrid and drive away. In a second commercial, a woman walks past a short-circuiting electric car charger (that looks suspiciously like a Tesla charger) to approach her BMW charging from a standard outlet to drive away.

While everyone drools over the flashy Tesla name, BMW is pointing out that the brand is also on the cutting edge of electric car engineering. The BMW 330e is an impressive car, and its base gas model is also a great example of quality German engineering. Both models are also on sale and on dealership lots right now. We’re frankly pretty surprised that BMW didn’t also trot out its BMW i Series line of vehicles, especially considering the i8’s impressive power and i3’s quirky-yet-fun looks.

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No matter which hybrid or electric vehicles the brand chooses to showcase in commercials, the message is clear: BMW’s quality engineering is here to stay, and it’s ready to put up a fight.