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BMW Motorrad Looks To Build Community

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BMW Motorrad and Rever App

It takes a very specific type of person to ride a motorcycle. They must have a sense of adventure, a willingness to get a bit messy, and a love of the road (especially since at times they get quite close to it). BMW Motorrad knows this, and it wants to make sure it is faithfully serving those customers as well as they have the standard BMW vehicle owners. To achieve this, the auto group has joined with tech company Rever to build a community where BMW Motorrad users will feel right at home.

The Rever app is available for free on iOS an Android devices, and allows riders to plan out their route and then share it with other users. This way, other motorcycle riders can explore the best roads in areas they are not familiar with but might want to cruise in, as well as avoid any troublesome posts. Besides the maps, Rever is an easy way to share travels across other social media platforms when they are linked together. The plan is for BMW and Rever to build from this basic app experience to help create a community where bikers feel comfortable discussing all aspects of their ride and getting excited about BMW Motorrad offerings.

“Motorcyclists are extremely passionate, adventurous people,” says Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Rever. “But we’ve lacked a motorcycle specific environment to share our passions, experiences and ideas. Working with BMW, we will bring innovative technology to the fore and make the entire motorcycle riding experience more accessible, more rewarding and more connected.”

According to BMW and Rever, they hope that the mobile app and accompanying website will help grow a global family of BMW Motorrad riders.