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BMW Is Ready For The Future

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2016 BMW 7 Series Debut Design Details Harald Kruger

You would think that BMW would be thinking a lot about its past this year, thanks to its 100 year anniversary. While the German automaker is doing plenty of that, it is also casting its gaze into the future and preparing for what is to come. BMW’s CEO, Harald Krueger, is speaking about BMW’s Number One > Next strategy, and it gives us hope for this dominating car brand.

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First of all, the oddly-named strategy is ready to set the groundwork of BMW’s operations through 2025. While nine years isn’t a terribly long time, it’s surprisingly short considering all it wants to accomplish. According to Krueger, the strategy has four main parts called simply automated, connected, electrified, and shared. He then told Automotive News that “In the past decade, we have evolved from being the leading premium car company to the leading provider of premium mobility and services. Now, we aim to become the leading tech company and innovation driver in the field of mobility.”

BMW has already made great strides toward the “electrified” part of the strategy, with the stylish (and expanding) i Series and electrified versions of standard models. More electric cars are also slated to pop up in other BMW Group brands, like Mini.

When talking about EVs, Harald Krueger stated that he and the automaker believes the full benefits of electric cars will be realized once they are paired with autonomous driving technology. He also expressed a desire for a standard of autonomous technology to be set, so that all automakers are aspiring to the same goals, and so customers who purchase certain brands of self-driving cars are at a higher risk of injury than other brands.

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We look forward to what this plan brings in the coming years for BMW. It is encouraging to see them looking ahead and planning, instead of reveling in recent successes and becoming stagnant.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)