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BMW i Remote App Being Developed for Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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BMW i Remote

NFL Quarterback uses his Samsung watch to access his BMW i Remote App.

At this week’s 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BMW announced that it is teaming with Samsung to create a BMW i Remote App that will connect drivers to their BMW i3 EVs from their Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

“The rapid spread of smartphones means that the internet, apps, and digital servies have long since become established elements of daily life,” explains BMW Group’s statement in their CES Press Kit. “And smartwatches like the new Samsung Galaxy Gear are driving this trend ever onwards.

“In Las Vegas, BMW became the world’s first carmaker to present vehicle functions on the electronic wristwatch as part of a research application,” the release continues. “The Samsung Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App…keeps drivers connected with their BMW i3 at all times and also works efficiently to provide them with the assistance they need outside the car.”

The BMW i Remote App will provide i3 drivers with information on their vehicle’s battery level and the available range.  Additionally, the app will be able to note whether the vehicle’s windows, doors, and sunroof are closed.  Drivers will also be able to remotely control their i3’s temperature levels, ensuring a car that’s nice and toasty in the winter or nice and cool in the summer (pardon us for dreaming of summer, if only for a moment).

The CES demonstration also revealed that the BMW i Remote App can be controlled via voice commands issued through the Galaxy S Voice app.  For more information on the exciting possibility of remote control of the BMW i3 with a flick of the wrist, stay tuned to The News Wheel.