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BMW Showcases Its Vision for the Future in “A New Era” Short Film

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The short film from BMW highlights four Vision Vehicle Concepts from the BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad brands

The four Vision Vehicles of the Future

BMW is an automotive brand that has always looked and worked toward the future. When the company celebrated its centennial anniversary last year, it was already sharing ideas it had for the next 100 years.

So what exactly does the future look like to BMW? If you are curious, then you are in luck, because BMW just shared its vision of the future in a new video project.

The short film, entitled “A New Era,” illustrates what the future will look like, at least according to BMW. The film also features BMW Vision Vehicles for all four of the brands under its umbrella: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad.

“A New Era” first highlights the BMW Motorrad concept motorcycle. It appears to be a sleek two-wheeled vehicle. However, the emphasis is placed on the visor that drivers can wear.

The BMW Motorrad concept visor allows for riders to interact with real-time data without ever taking their eyes off of the road. Nevertheless, hopefully BMW develops a concept helmet for futuristic motorcyclists as well.

Kim Possible here better invest in some safety equipment

The next concept vehicle in the spotlight is the Vision Vehicle for the BMW brand proper. Autonomous driving would appear to be the central theme of this concept.

A father interrupts his daily commute to engage in a tickle-fight with his kids. While he does that, the unorthodox BMW steering wheel retracts and the vehicle takes over driving on the road.

We interrupt your daily commute for this regularly-scheduled tickle-fight

If you thought vehicles like the Dodge Challenger had a boxy design, then wait until the Rolls-Royce Vision Vehicle rolls up. With square casings surrounding all four tires, this concept vehicle is probably the one that least resembles modern models.

It evidently isn’t supposed to be driven like a modern vehicle either. In fact, drivers won’t be doing the driving at all. Instead, a “virtual chauffeur” will escort passengers around town while they relax in the cabin.

Let’s see someone steal these hubcaps!

Finally, the MINI Vision Vehicle is saved for last. A young woman is enjoying some coffee at a cafe, when an autonomous MINI vehicle rolls up and “waves” at her.

The demonstration is supposed to showcase the customizable nature of MINI’s concept vehicle. However, with the way the sequence is shot, it comes off more akin to a romantic comedy starring Anna and her MINI Cooper.

Who needs Bradley Cooper when you have MINI Cooper?

If you want to watch the short film in its entirety, then view the video below:

Each of these Vision Vehicles encompasses the technologies that BMW will strive to perfect in the next 100 years, with mobility being the key factor.

“Our philosophy of constantly looking to the future and setting high standards of innovation is what drives the day-to-day work of BMW Group associates,” commented Bill McAndrews, head of Communications Strategy, Corporate Communications and Market Communications for BMW. “In the film ‘A NEW ERA’, we are underscoring this idea and adapting it to our corporate strategy in the coming months and years.”

It should be exciting to witness these concepts come to life in some shape or form during BMW’s future development. And according to “A New Era,” we can also look forward to virtual wheat.

Virtual Wheaties are made of 100% virtual wheat