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BOOK by Cadillac Expands to Dallas, Los Angeles, and Beyond

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Cadillac’s luxury vehicle subscription service, BOOK, will now be available in the urban hubs of Dallas and Los Angeles. You can blame this recent development on the success of its New York launch earlier this year.

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A Logical Next Step

Melody Lee, global director of BOOK, elaborates on the expansion of this exciting service: “Since BOOK by Cadillac was first introduced, we’ve seen widespread enthusiasm and demand from consumers who are seeking ways to complement traditional methods of buying or leasing a vehicle. [It] has introduced entirely new customers to the brand and has been fully embraced by younger audiences as an innovative service that meets their ever-changing needs. Introducing the service in Los Angeles and Dallas is a natural evolution of the program.”


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How the Service Works

For a flat monthly pee of $1,800 as well as a one-time initiation fee of $500, you can join the ranks of BOOK subscribers. This gives you automatic access to a wide range of the latest vehicles form the brand, including the CT6, XT5, and Escalade. From the convenience of your phone, you can select a Cadillac vehicle to exchange your own with, and have it delivered to your home or office.

The service allows you to try out a different Cadillac a maximum of 18 times per year. This luxurious option is perfect for hard-to-please, easily-bored drivers. It also caters to city-dwellers who want an affordable, flexible alternative to owning the brand’s latest offerings without making a long-term commitment.

America isn’t the only one getting dibs on this contemporary perk, however. Cadillac is also testing out the BOOK service in European cultural hot spots such as Munich, Germany. We await further details about the success of BOOK in these next target cities of Dallas, LA, and Munich, as more Cadillac fans gravitate toward the superior convenience that this service offers.



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