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Buy a Ford Focus RS, Get a Free Day on the Track at Ford Performance Racing School

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The 2016 Ford Focus is available in an electric model, as well as a high performance RS version

There is almost no way that if you are considering a 2016 Ford Focus RS, you are just waiting for a little bit more incentive before you pull the trigger. You already know everything there is to know. It’s fast, lean, and mean. Jeremy Clarkson calls it “the half-price Nissan GT-R.” It’s already won a whole ton of awards. And it’s basically spider-proof.

But, okay, sure. You need just that little extra thing before you commit to buying one. How’s this: Ford is throwing in a complimentary driving lesson at its Performance Racing School at the former Miller Motorsports Park in Grantsville, Utah, if you purchase a 2016-17 Focus RS.

That’s right. If you buy a Focus RS, you get a free one-day course at RS Adrenaline Academy, where you will learn how to shift, brake, and corner like a professional and take full advantage of the RS’ exceptional Drift Mode. Ford Performance Racing School is home to the longest track in North America—a 4.5-mile circuit with 23 turns and four different potential configurations for drivers to tackle.

If you opt to take Ford up on its offer, you will need to front the costs of travel and lodging, and you can opt to buy a second day at the track spent behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT (also dubbed one of Jeremy Clarkson’s 2016 “Star Cars”).

Ford has yet to announce a class schedule, though it is said that it will be made available soon.

So, if you’re still waiting on getting that Focus RS, this should be the last little bit of incentive you need. Unless you want to wait around for Ford to toss in a keychain or something.

News Source: Motortrend