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Cadillac Delivers Chocolate Eggs Containing Keys to CT6 Sedans

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Get ready for an “Eggs-cellent” promotion from Cadillac

The two holidays most associated with candy are undoubtedly Halloween and Easter. Although we may be quickly approaching the former, Cadillac recently launched a campaign that’s more in line with the latter.

After all, Cadillac recently delivered giant chocolate eggs containing the keys to a Cadillac CT6.

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The chocolate-coated campaign is currently taking place near the city of Toronto. Cadillac is shipping the eggs to prospective customers in the area so that they can test drive a new CT6 sedan.

Of course, these eggs aren’t cheap, or tiny either for that matter. The seven-inch tall eggs, created by chocolatier Brandon Olsen, cost upwards of $50 each.

When customers broke open these adult-sized Kinder Eggs, they not only found Peruvian truffles within, but also the keys to a Cadillac CT6 sedan. The sedan, parked outside of their homes, was waiting for them to take it for a short spin.

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As if filling up on a seven-inch chocolate egg wasn’t enough to fight off any hunger, drivers also found that the CT6 came equipped with preset directions to one of Toronto’s most affluent restaurants. The meal, of course, is all paid for ahead of time.

You can watch a video about the campaign below:

The point of hopping around and dropping of these giant eggs is to provide that final push that prospective customers need to commit to the CT6. Cadillac’s efforts have been relatively successful thus far, with a 40% redemption rate.

This decadent marketing method seems to be a smash hit. Still, we’ll be looking forward to Cadillac delivering Jack-o-Lanterns to drivers come April next year.

New Source: Adweek