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Cadillac May Do its Own Black Series Variants for V-Series

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2016 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan

Cadillac could be launching a Black Series variant of the mighty ATS-V
Photo: © General Motors

Cadillac, in its efforts to reestablish itself and firm up its identity with Americans, can’t seem to decide if it wants to stand far afield from the Germans or match them beat for beat. Cadillac may well be planning to expand the reach of its V-Series in the future (up to and including a possible CT6-V), but the brand’s chief engineer is hinting that there might be something even more sinister down the line.

In an interview with Car and Driver, Dave Leone didn’t deny the possibility that Cadillac may be angling to build an even meaner ATS-V that is the stylistic equivalent of the Mercedes-AMG Black Series models, saying, “We might have something down the road that is a little bit more aggressive.”

Another source told C&D that this variant could be arriving as soon as 2017. This sounds awesome for those who really love relatively high-price performance vehicles with a ton of style.

Less awesome: the continued suggestion that Cadillac can’t churn out a compact crossover until 2019. Priorities, folks.

In any case, all signs point to a big five-year expansion from Cadillac in any number of different directions. The release of the 2016 CT6 and CTS-V toward the end of 2015 should be a good enough way to kick things off in that regard.

News Source: Car and Driver