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Cadillac Sales Remain Relatively Stable in 2018

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The arrival of the Cadillac XT4 during the fourth quarter of 2018 helped to stabilize sales for Cadillac as the year drew to an end

2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury

How did the Cadillac XT4 perform during its first few months of sales

During the fourth quarter of 2018, Cadillac introduced the new XT4 crossover to the market. So, was the XT4 able to help reduce sales losses for the luxury brand? It would appear so; by the end of the fourth quarter, Cadillac’s sales were only down by 2.7 percent.

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Cadillac delivered 41,462 vehicles during the last three months of the year. By comparison, it delivered 42,594 vehicles during the final quarter of 2017.

A whopping 7,573 of the vehicles Cadillac sold were XT4 models. In fact, the XT4 was only outsold by the XT5 and Escalade during that period.

The XT4’s success came at a cost for the XT5

However, it would seem the XT4 is eating away at sales for its larger cousin: the Cadillac XT5. XT5 sales were down by 26.5 percent during the fourth quarter. The XT5 remained Cadillac’s best-selling model during 2018 as a whole, with 60,565 units delivered. Still, sales for the utility model were down 11.3 percent.

Escalade sales stayed stagnant during 2018

The Escalade is also losing sales. During the fourth quarter, Escalade sales slid 15 percent. Fortunately for Cadillac, sales for the Escalade are relatively stagnant for the year as a whole. With 36,872 Escalades sold, sales for the model were only down 2.2 percent last year.

2018 Cadillac CTS Sedan

The Cadillac CTS actually emmerged as the standout in terms of sales for Cadillac

In the end, it was the Cadillac CTS that boasted the most impressive sales performance during the year’s fourth quarter. Sales for the CTS were up by 9 percent during this period. In 2018, Cadillac sold 11,219 CTS models, representing a similar 8.5 percent sales increase. Yearly sales for the Cadillac XTS grew 8.9 percent in 2018.

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By the end of the year, Cadillac sold 154,702 new vehicles. This is only slightly less than the 156,440 vehicles it sold the year prior.

To explore how Cadillac’s vehicles performed during the 2018 sales year, take a look at the sales chart below:

Cadillac Fourth Quarter 2018 Sales