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Cadillac Won’t Release a Crossover Until 2019: de Nysschen

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2015 Cadillac SRX | Cadillac Crossover

Want something to slot in below this? Welp, get ready to wait
Photo 2015 Cadillac SRX © General Motors

The President of Cadillac stopped by the Washington Auto Show last week just long enough to give reporters in attendance a pretty clear window for the arrival of its small SUV.

“Product development life cycles being what they are, I don’t have a date in mind but I would estimate it is at least four years away,” Johan de Nysschen said, according to an article from Reuters.

This runs contrary to a statement de Nysschen made earlier in the month, when he said it was likely that Cadillac’s crossover would be as early as 2017.

So. Four years, then. That’s an awful long time to wait for a new model in an extremely critical segment, dontchathink?

Jackie Chan

There are a lot of ins and a lot of outs when it comes to the car-making business. Still, we feel like it would be a fair suggestion for Cadillac to drop absolutely everything else it is doing right now and make this thing happen much quicker than four years from now.

Nearly every other luxury auto brand worth its salt has a small crossover—there’s the Lexus NX, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, and BMW X1. Even Lincoln, a brand that has struggled to stay on top of trends for the longest time, had the presence of mind to pop out a small crossover in 2014.

Not having a small SUV until 2019 won’t kill Cadillac, but it’s certainly not going to make improving its sales in the United States any easier.

News Source: Reuters