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Check Out This Adorable Mini Nissan in a Car Wash

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Miniature Nissan car washIt is a truth universally acknowledged that if you take anything I like and make it mini, the sound that comes out of my mouth will be a high-pitched “aww.” Imagine the noises that came out of my office when I first saw an absolutely adorable little toy miniature Nissan 370Z going through its own little car wash in one of the latest videos from Nissan.

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Unfortunately (or fortunately?), this is not a commercial for a latecomer to the race to be the Christmas toy of the year. Rather, this small car wash, which is about the size of a popcorn maker, is made to test the paint that goes on the exterior of Nissan vehicles. On non-video days, the car wash’s 10,000 blue bristles rotating at about 180 rpm scrub rectangular plates covered in Nissan’s automotive paint. The sample goes through this cycle then washed thousands of times to ensure that the paint formula keeps its vibrant color and shine. Besides the bristles, “Arizona dirt” is also thrown on the sample to simulate the abuse a car takes in the real world.

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Engineers get to play with this machine at the Nissan Technical Center North America in Farmington Hills, Michigan. All of this is to ensure that buyers can take home a Nissan knowing that its paint job is ready for the long road ahead, and to look great doing it. Still, I think it would be much cooler if they tested the paint on mini cars all the time.