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Chevrolet “Celebrates” the Ford Mustang’s Birthday in a New Commercial

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Chevrolet takes the opportunity to poke fun at the Camaro's chief rival during the Mustang's big day

Not exactly the kind of birthday present you’d want to receive from your rival
Photo: Chevrolet Arabia

Few automotive rivalries are as long-standing or as fierce as the one existing between the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang. Still, that doesn’t mean that the automakers behind these two vehicles can’t have a little fun during their competition.

Indeed, Chevrolet Arabia recently wished the Ford Mustang a happy birthday.

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Earlier this week, the Ford Mustang celebrated its 55th birthday. The powerful pony car was first introduced to Ford’s lineup back in 1964.

To mark the occasion, Chevrolet Arabia released a humorous video on its YouTube page. Said video is entitled “Wouldn’t Be a Party Without Us.”

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During the ad, an actual pony is seen wearing a birthday hat and standing next to a cake adorned with the Mustang emblem. When it comes time for the pony to make its wish, the miniature equine blows out the candles.

Doing so reveals a bright red Chevrolet Camaro under a pink tarp, the implication being that the pony would rather go with the Chevrolet Camaro rather than the Mustang. Right after the Camaro is revealed, the words “Some Wishes Do Come True” flash across the screen.

You can watch the video in its entirety down below:

For a while, the Ford Mustang stood relatively unopposed in the pony car/muscle car segments. However, during the 2000s, Dodge resurrected its Challenger model, while Chevrolet brought back the Camaro shortly after that. What followed was a race to the top of the sales chart between the trio of cars. That heated conflict can often takes a humorous turn, as the aforementioned video demonstrates.

News Source: GM Authority