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Cold-Blooded Cadillac is Going to Kill the ELR, Too

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2016 cadillac elr debut

2014 Cadillac ELR
Photo: © General Motors

Last week, Johan de Nysschen went on record in saying that Cadillac will axe the XTS by 2019, effectively bringing an end to the brand’s by-then-90-year history as a popular option for presidential limousines. Turns out that this isn’t the only model that Cadillac will be killing off once its life cycle runs out.

Cadillac’s president spoke a bit with Auto Guide during the New York Auto Show about the future of the slow-to-start ELR, noting that the all-electric Caddy is not long for this world.

“The ELR will continue through its lifecycle,” he said, adding, “I don’t think we will create a next-generation, compact, two-door, gorgeously styled alternative powertrain successor to ELR.”

Jeez, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for the ELR there, Johan.

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Since launching in late 2013, Cadillac has sold a mere 1,621 ELRs to date. Given the somewhat exorbitant $75,000 starting price point, the tepid sales are not terribly surprising. De Nysschen himself admitted in December that the ELR was “a niche car” in acknowledging that there would be no price drop for future models. It was widely believed that the ELR would be updated with the new technological upgrades present in the powertrain of the 2016 Volt (the current-gen model is built on the same platform as the 2015 Volt), but appears that this will not be the case.

It was also noted that while Cadillac is pulling the plug (pun INTENDED) on the ELR, it will not be abandoning alternative powertrains for the rest of its lineup. It’s anticipated that Cadillac will drop a hybrid powertrain into its newly-revealed CT6.

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News Source: Auto Guide