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Despite New Incentive Vehicles, Iconic Pink Cadillac Remains Mary Kay’s Pre-eminent Prize

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Cosmetics company offers Equinox, Mini for reps who haven't hit elite status

Pink 2018 Cadillac XT5

Cosmetics company Mary Kay is adding a couple of new cars as rewards for its high (but not yet highest) achievers. The move underlines just what an honor it is to acquire the ultimate reward — the iconic pink Cadillac.

The company recently announced that it’s offering two more prizes for sales representatives who are on the path to the top: a Mini four-door hardtop with pink stripes and a graphite metallic Chevrolet Equinox.

To drive a pink Cadillac, Mary Kay associates — or “consultants,” as they’re called — have to assemble teams that sell more than $102,000 worth of cosmetics over six months. Then, they have to keep up that pace.

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Pink Mary Kay Cadillac

Photo: Kyle James

That’s an extremely hard goal to meet, and only a small percentage of consultants ever get there. Over the nearly 50 years that Mary Kay has offered the prize, only about 100,000 consultants have attained pink Cadillac status.

Because it’s so difficult to win that Caddy (available in multiple models), Mary Kay also offers other cars as motivation for consultants to keep selling beauty products. That’s where the new Mini and Equinox come in. In the recent past, those lower-tier rewards have also included a black BMW 320i, a black Ford Mustang, and a black Toyota Camry.

It’s unlikely that another vehicle will replace Mary Kay’s Cadillac as the top sales incentive any time soon. Founder Mary Kay Ash’s love of the brand has taken deep root in the company’s culture. The pink Cadillac is seen there as an unmatched symbol of success and high achievement.

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