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First Ford GTs (and a Ford GT Cake!) Arrive in Europe

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Jason Watt with new Ford GT

Just shy of two years after 6,506 people applied for the right to be one of the very, very, very few to own an all-new Ford GT, the first examples are making their way to customers in Europe. One successful applicant, Denmark’s Jason Watt, hopes to earn a unique distinction with his 647-horsepower supercar.

“My Ford GT is probably the world’s fastest car that can park in disabled parking spaces,” said Jason upon receiving his vehicle in Copenhagen. Watt was a successful single-seater racer, earning the 1993 Formula Vauxhall Lotus Winter Series championship and 1994 British Formula Ford championship. Despite being confined to a wheelchair after a 1999 motorcycle accident, Watt only continued his racing career in touring cars and Legends car racing.

To accommodate Watt, the new Ford GT—made up like his 2005 Ford GT—is modified to be operated by hand and will feature a fitted roof rack for transporting his wheelchair.

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For as handsome as Watt’s Ford GT is, and for as inspirational as his story of perseverance, perhaps the best part of the handoff ceremony was this:

Ford GT Cake

Yes, that’s a Ford GT cake. An accurate rendition of one of the world’s rarest and most coveted supercars in delicious, moist cake. Could Ford not have sent one of these to every poor sap who unsuccessfully applied for a GT? That certainly would have blunted quite a lot of sadness, because cake makes everything better.

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