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Ford Releases ‘A Matter of Trust’ Report on Autonomous Vehicles

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A Matter of Trust Report Page

Ford is still angling to meet its 2021 deadline for commercial autonomous vehicle deployment, as evidenced by the recent establishment of the Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC. As part of that push, Ford issued a report on how it is putting safety first and actively working to utilize AV technology to better cities around the globe. It also possibly provides a window into someone at Ford’s fondness for Billy Joel given its title, “A Matter of Trust.”

The expansive 44-page self-assessment (PDF) covers a wide array of topics, including how Ford intends to earn the trust of consumers through safety, intelligent design, and providing a superior experience. It details the technology and development thereof, hitting on partnerships with Domino’s and the development of a communication method through a trial with Virginia Tech Transportation that saw a human being dressed up like an empty driver’s seat.

The report concludes with a promise from Ford “to make sure that every time you use a Ford vehicle or service, you feel confident and safe.” Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC CEO Sherif Marakby shared a similar sentiment in a letter to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (who also so happens to be married to an obstructionist, pouch-necked turtle creature) that was published at Medium.

“We also believe that developing self-driving vehicles is not simply about the technology — it is about earning the trust of our customers and of those cities and businesses that will ultimately use it. Safety, reliability, and the experience the technology will enable are the key pillars to developing trust,” Marakby writes.