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Ford Auto Start-Stop Technology to Appear in 70% of Lineup by 2017

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Have you ever been going through a slow drive-through or maybe stand-still traffic, so you turn your engine off to not waste gas?  What if you could do that every time your vehicle stopped without thinking about it and your engine would start up again before you noticed it turned off?  That’s the beauty of Automatic Start-Stop technology, and now Ford is putting it into more of its vehicles than ever.

Ford has announced that it plans to offer Auto Start-Stop technology in 70 percent of its North American vehicle lineup by 2017.  The innovative feature can boost fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent in city driving, and brings Ford closer to fulfilling its Blueprint for Sustainability.

“Simply put, Auto Start-Stop helps customers use less fuel, which is an important component of Ford’s Blueprint for Sustainability,” said Bob Fascetti, vice president of Ford global powertrain, in a press release. “By making Auto Start-Stop available on more vehicles, we are working to be part of the solution to environmental sustainability with effective, fuel-saving technologies.”

Ford Auto Start-Stop technology will boost the fuel economy of its entire lineup.  Is Auto Start-Stop a feature you will be looking for when you purchase your next vehicle?  Let us know in the comments below!