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Ford Bronco Pickup Rumored for 2024 Launch

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2021 Ford Bronco grille with Cyber Orange lettering
The Bronco name will likely feature on a pickup truck by 2024
Photo: Ford

Given how much of a hit the all-new Bronco and Bronco Sport have proven thus far, you can’t possibly blame Ford for wanting to ride a hot hand. Playing that hand could involve Ford pulling a Bronco pickup truck out of its deck, and it’s seeming like 2024 is when that card will be slapped down on the table.

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On Monday, MotorTrend speculated that the Ford Bronco pickup truck will arrive in 2024 as part of the 2025 model year. Accompanied by a couple of renders of a Bronco truck in Cyber Orange, the article posits that the truck will ride on the same platform as the next-gen Ranger and would boast the same powertrain options as the current Bronco.

However, with Ford moving full steam ahead toward full lineup electrification, it’s quite possible that could change over the next couple of years. Ford is likely to launch a Bronco hybrid in the future and has already teased a fully electric version of the SUV.

Bronco pickup would ideally complement Ranger sales

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat
The all-new Ranger Tremor is Ford’s current off-road-friendly midsize truck
Photo: Ford

Because the Bronco pickup truck would compete with the Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, it would also risk biting into sales of the Ford Ranger. However, MT’s Alexander Stoklosa suggests that this truck will be “additive rather than redundant, offering buyers a more stylish midsize truck option.”

The idea of having two vehicles in the same segment space has proven fruitful so far. Since introducing the 2021 Bronco Sport to the lineup, Ford has seen a notable increase in its compact crossover share and no significant impact on Escape sales. While it’s early yet, this suggests that the Bronco brand has an independent personality that would supplement more conventional options like the Escape and Ranger.

Ford will likely reveal its next-generation Ranger pickup sometime this year.

Ford spotted testing a Jeep Gladiator in Michigan

With 2024 on the horizon, Ford already seems to be at work on developing its Bronco pickup truck. In June, Ford Authority reported that the Blue Oval was benchmarking a Jeep Gladiator truck at one of its testing facilities in Michigan.

Ford revived the Bronco brand last year with the first-ever Bronco Sport and all-new Bronco two- and four-door. The former has been a substantial seller for Ford since hitting the market last year. As for the Bronco, more than 125,000 SUVs have been ordered thus far, making it an ostensible sellout for the 2021 model year and possibly for 2022.

Combining two of the hottest things under the Ford banner — trucks and the Bronco brand — practically seems like a no-brainer. A Bronco pickup seems to be more of a when than an if, and that when should fall before 2025.

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