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Ford Climbs One Spot in Interbrand Best Global Brands Study

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Ford Interbrand RankingFord was named 38 on Interbrand’s annual 100 Best Global Brands study, climbing one spot from its position in 2014.

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Interbrand estimates that Ford’s overall value increased by 6% in 2015 to 11.578 billion. Ford’s estimated value in 2014 was $10.88 billion, $9.181 billion in 2013, and $7.958 billion in 2012. Ford’s brand worth has increased every year since 2010, when it was ranked 50th overall at an estimated value of $7.195 billion.

While Ford has made continuous improvement over the past six years, it’s still a long way away from achieving its highest ranking and total brand value. In the inaugural year of the Interbrand study, Ford ranked seventh and was the top automotive brand in the world with an estimated value of $36.368 billion, outranking Disney, McDonald’s, and Cisco.

To give one some perspective as to how much has changed in the time since, number 38 in 2000 was Yahoo!, estimated to be worth $6.299 billion. Its competitor, Google, wasn’t even listed in the top 100. In 2015, Yahoo! was unranked while Google ranked second at an estimated value of $120.314 billion. 2015’s top brand, Apple, ranked 36th in 2000. 15 years ago, it was valued at $6.594 billion; today, it’s estimated to be worth $170.276 billion.

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