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Ford Will Build Two Electric Midsize Crossovers in Detroit by 2023

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Ford Flat Rock Assembly Exterior
Ford will build two new electric midsize crossovers at Flat Rock Assembly: report
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Not one, not two, but three sources with insight into Ford’s future product plans have said that the automaker will build two new electric midsize crossovers — one Ford-branded and one Lincoln-branded — at Flat Rock Assembly Plant by 2023. The vehicles in question will be similar in size to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus (if not fully electric variants thereof) and will be built on Ford’s battery-electric-vehicle platform.

One of the sources tells Automotive News that the vehicles will head into production in Detroit either by the end of 2022 or early part of 2023, and that the initial production output is being estimated at around 65,000 vehicles. With Ford’s position as a leader in ongoing talks with the United Auto Workers, Auto News suggests that the production of the new products is being leveraged as a bargaining chip for negotiations.

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Ford in March confirmed plans to build battery-electric vehicles at Flat Rock as part of a $900 million investment. Details pertaining to those vehicles were not offered at the time of the announcement.

The production of two new electric midsize crossovers at Flat Rock Assembly seems to confirm the long-speculated demise of the Lincoln Continental in the United States. With sedan sales faltering — and Ford’s own decision to take a scythe to sedans like the Focus, Fiesta, and Taurus — the Continental has been suggested for the chopping block since not long after its triumphant return. Production on the Continental is expected to wrap up by 2021, but the luxury sedan will likely live on in China where the market for large sedans is stronger.

Ford declined comment to Automotive News.

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News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)