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Ford Establishes Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Team

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Ford this week announced the establishment of its Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Team, which will lead the way for the company as it continues its pursuit of becoming the dual threat of an automotive and mobility company.

In an article posted on Medium, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Vice President and CEO Dr. Ken Washington explained the function of the team with regards to its continued development of mobility technologies. As part of its duties, the team will collaborate with Pittsburgh-based Argo AI, with whom Ford has established a partnership and in whom it has invested $1 billion as of earlier this year.

With the addition of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Team, Washington noted that there will now be no fewer than two fleets of self-driving vehicles tested in the years ahead—one piloted by Ford’s team and another piloted by Argo AI.

“Our new research team will continue the relationships we’ve built with startup companies through partnerships, investments, and acquisitions. The startup community is demonstrating tremendous opportunities for us with advanced sensors, deep learning, applied robotics, and more, so it’s important for us to continue to foster these relationships,” Dr. Washington writes. “Deeply established partnerships with companies like Nirenberg Neuroscience, Civil Maps, and SAIPS are already serving us well with more advanced capabilities we’re considering for application in the future.”

The Ford Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Team will be situated at the University of Michigan’s Ford Motor Company Robotics Building, effective as of its opening in 2019.

News Source: Medium