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Ford Expands Partnership for A Cleaner Environment Program

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Ford on Monday, fresh off of being named to Ethisphere Institute’s World’s Most Ethical Companies list for an impressive eighth year in a row, announced the expansion of its Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program that will incorporate tools aimed at cutting CO­2 emissions and waste and increasing efficiency with regards to water and energy consumption.

In 2016, Ford expanded the number of suppliers participating in the PACE program to more than 40, covering approximately 1,100 different sites across 40 countries. The program provides supplies with best practices in four categories (energy, water, emissions, and waste) and monitoring tools to help facilitate the process of reaching sustainability goals. Ford estimates that participating PACE suppliers will save more than 550 million gallons of water over the next five years.

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“As a company, it’s important that we make quality products and minimize the impact on the environment by doing things the right way,” said Mary Wroten, senior manager of Ford Supply Chain Sustainability. “Having suppliers that want to share that responsibility shows we can work together to reduce our collective environmental footprint, while still continuing to deliver great products.”

One of the practices Ford provides suppliers as part of the PACE program is the Energy Treasure Hunt, which encourages suppliers to scour their own facilities in order to locate areas where efficiency can be improved. By sharing found information with Ford, the automaker is better able to recommend areas of improvement to additional suppliers.

“We are serious about protecting lives and preserving the planet, and sharing best practices with Ford helps further that mission to sustain the environment globally,” said Jim Laney, Senior Manager, Safety, Health and Environment for DENSO North America. DENSO has been an early adopter of the PACE program, implementing practices in operations spanning 38 different countries going as far back as 2014.

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