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Ford F-Series Made More Money in 2017 Than Facebook and Didn’t Have to Steal Your Data to Do It

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The Ford F-150 recently won Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Impact Award in the full-size pickup truck segment

[cash register noises intensify]

It might be bad timing to try and contextualize the insane amount of money Ford made off of its F-Series trucks last year by comparing it to Facebook, but that’s exactly where Detroit Free Press went this week. Freep’s Phoebe Wall Howard noted on Monday that the Ford F-Series netted the Blue Oval $41.25 billion in 2017, more revenue than Facebook earned in 2017 and all with nary a concern about data harvesting or aiding a foreign power in its efforts to sway an election.

The F-Series didn’t just outdraw Facebook in terms of revenue. Ford trucks also earned more revenue than heavy hitters like Nike, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and McDonalds. Howard notes that $41 billion in revenue is considerably more than the GDP of countries like Bolivia, Iceland, and Jordan. If ever one of those stupid “X Nation” monikers was actually warranted, this would be the time.

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“On average, we’ll sell about two F-Series pickup trucks every minute,” Ford sales analyst Erich Merkle told Howard. “By the time you’ve finished this article you’re reading right now, we’ve sold another one.”

Okay, but what if you read, like, super slow?

What’s more, some—namely Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas—are of the opinion that the F-Series brand is even more valuable than Ford itself. While that assertion is questionable at best, particularly as Ford pushes for more crossovers and hybrids while expediating the deployment of autonomous vehicles, F-Series has helped Ford maintain a positive outlook even as sedan sales tumble.

“[T]he industry was off slightly from record sales in 2016, but F-Series bucked the trend,” Merkle said. “This was our 41st straight year as America’s bestselling pickup truck.”

And what’s more profitable than an all-American pickup truck these days? Certainly not Facebook!

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News Source: Detroit Free Press