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Ford Kicks Off Landscaping Revitalization at Dearborn World Headquarters

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Dearborn Campus Transformation Landscaping

Ford is in the midst of renovating its World Headquarters Campus, a decade-long project that will turn the automaker and mobility company’s Dearborn facilities upgraded to be more cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and future-thinking. Before it can break new ground, ground must be broken, and with that understanding the landscaping overhaul aspect of the Dearborn Campus Transformation project is underway.

“The intent is to develop a naturalized landscaping plan that the employees can use,” said Roger Gaudette, director of Dearborn facility strategy at Ford Land Development Co.

Dearborn Campus Transformation Landscaping

Phase one focuses on the “North Pond” area, which covers 15 acres at the northwest corner of Ford World Headquarters. This aspect of renovation focuses on creating detention ponds aimed at helping with storm water management. Not the most exciting, sure, but quite vital to the finished project.

The landscaping aspect of revitalization will go on through the fall of 2019 and aims to convert what was and is a lawn to “a more sustainable and interactive landscape that will reduce maintenance costs and provide a more welcoming campus for employees and community members alike.” The next step involves planting different seed mixes over a one-acre section of land to determine what combinations will work best for future application.

Dearborn Campus Transformation Landscaping

Ford will also ultimately insert an estimated 4.58 miles of mixed-material pedestrian pathways to ease the flow of pedestrian foot traffic and boost employee comfort. Adding to that sense of comfort as well will be an enhanced arboretum with more trees, more seating, and sunflowers.