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Baby Bronco May Be Called the Ford Maverick

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is the baby Ford Bronco going to be called the Ford Maverick?
Could this be the Ford Maverick? Don’t ask Sarah Palin
Photo: Ford Motor Company

What do the baby Bronco and the late James Garner potentially have in common? The name Maverick.

A new member on the Bronco6G forums going by the name Ford Parts Guy uploaded an image of a Ford parts database that depicts a 2020 model going by the name Maverick. The parts associated with the name don’t really give up much — they’re related to key fobs — but it backs up the idea that the Maverick name is on the table for a new vehicle.

In 2018, Ford reupped the trademark for the Maverick, which was the name of a compact two- and four-door sedan that was sold in the U.S. between 1969 and 1977. Autoblog notes that the Maverick name was revived for the Ford Escape in Europe between 2001-05, which may be notable if only because the baby Bronco is based on the same platform underpinning the new Ford Escape.

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Is the Ford Maverick name a placeholder?

Does this mean much? Not necessarily. Poster ChrispyKC, whose profile pic is of OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco involved in that famous police chase, was quick to insinuate that this may be a placeholder name. First, they posted “Placeholder.” Then, in large orange text which one can only assume was selected for extra emphasis, they posted “Place Holder,” which was followed by regularly sized and colored text pointing out the fact that the baby Bronco will be a 2021 model and not a 2020 as is listed in the catalog. So it’s not exactly clear where Chrispy stands on the issue.

But KC does raise as fine a point as any: There’s no guarantee at this point that this means anything at all. As it stands, the smaller Bronco could get slapped with one of well over a half-dozen names that have been floating around. Like the Bronco Sport, which is seemingly the most likely choice, or alternatives like Scout, Adrenaline, Timberline, Outer Banks, Big Bend, Adrenaline, or Wildtrak.

Whatever the case may be, the bitty baby Bronco will likely break cover in the next few months alongside the full-size Bronco and is expected to hit the market before its larger kin. So whether it’s called the Ford Maverick of the Ford Bronco Maverick or the Ford Bronco Sarah Palin Lipstick Bulldog, we don’t have long to wait to find out.

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