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Ford May Call Its Compact Pickup Truck Maverick

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Ford Maverick small pickup name rumor
Ford’s last small pickup, the Courier, gave way to the Ranger
Photo: Ford

Back in February (or, in 2020 speak, roughly 400 years ago), a leaked document suggested that Ford was bringing the Maverick name back to the lineup. It was presumed at the time that the name might be intended for the baby Bronco small off-road SUV, but more leaks have since basically confirmed that vehicle will go by the Bronco Sport handle. But fear not, for the Maverick name seems likely to find some use after all. Another leak (so many leaks!) suggests that the Ford Maverick name will find a home on an upcoming small pickup truck.

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This latest leaky leak comes from The Fast Lane Truck, who got ahold of a rendering showing a truck tailgate stamped with the Maverick name. The source from whom TFLTruck procured this lovely little image says that the dimensions for the tailgate are akin to those of the new Ford Ranger and that the truck it belongs to will be a “baby version of the Ford Raptor.” TFLTruck says that the source is reputable and has insider knowledge.

Assuming this leak means anything at all, one might presume that this would make the Ford Maverick the compact pickup that’s all but officially confirmed to join the lineup in 2021. In January (or, in 2020 speak, roughly 750 years ago), Jim Farley more or less confirmed it by saying that Ford is “investing in more affordable versions of our truck business.”

In early March (or, in 2020 speak, roughly 280 years ago), Ford reps supposedly showed off a prototype of the truck in Arizona, and some who laid eyes on it said it looked similar to the Ranger. It’s also rumored that Ford suggested the compact pickup would carry a sub-$20,000 price point, giving the Blue Oval its new affordable entry-level vehicle.

But! The Ford Maverick could also be the rumored Bronco-based pickup that’s also apparently in the pipeline. Or! It could be nothing at all. That happens sometimes with these leaks, y’know?

Ford Maverick followed by a new small crossover?

Speaking of entry-level vehicles, Cnet’s Roadshow reports that the Maverick is tied to a new small crossover that will also ride on the platform that underpins the Escape and Focus. The information comes from a user on a General Motors enthusiast forum of all places and speculates that a new sub-$20,000 crossover will replace the EcoSport when it reaches the end of its lifecycle. So maybe that’ll carry a name similar to Maverick, like the Ford Iconoclast or the Ford Heretic.

In any case, Ford isn’t expected to drop its small pickup for another year, so we may have months and months (or, in 2020 speak, roughly three centuries) before we figure out what it’s actually going to be called. In the meantime, we can probably expect plenty more leaks to quench our thirst.

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