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Ford Training Dealers on Mustang Tech

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Mustang Tech

Ford wants the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost to be a success so much so that it’s willing to devote a considerable chunk of advertising to the turbo-four pony car. The automaker intends to appeal to younger buyers by emphasizing the EcoBoost’s fuel economy and horsepower and talking up its advanced technologies. In order to make sure that the people who ultimately wind up moving the Mustang EcoBoost at dealerships have as much of an understanding of what the car can do as possible, they have been holding training sessions specifically for dealership salespeople ahead of the Mustang’s October rollout.

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Since July, Ford has put dealership staff through their paces to ensure that they know intimately every new aspect of the sixth-generation Mustang. This includes technology such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning system, rearview camera, and rain-sensitive windshield wipers.

Dealer representatives have been going through these courses since the summer, and Melanie Banker, Mustang marketing manager, says that Ford is about 65% finished with the training sessions. It’s anticipated that these sessions will conclude in October, at which point the first shipment of 2015 Ford Mustang fastbacks are expected to roll out to lots across the country.

In talking to USA Today, Banker also indicated that Ford intends to emphasize the tech-heavy Mustang EcoBoost in advertising both domestically and internationally in order to lower the average age of the Mustang owner, which is currently 48 years.

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