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The Ford Transit Connect Gets Endorsed by the ‘Vertically Gifted’

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Transit Connect Wagom

Tall people seem to get all the breaks in life: they can reach things on the top shelf, ride whatever rollercoaster their heart desires, and possibly even dunk a basketball, but there are some shortcomings to being so tall (see what we did there?).

One of those challenges is buying a vehicle that is able to comfortably fit you and your tall friends, but the Ford Transit Connect can end those worries, as it was just named the best vehicle for the “vertically gifted.”

Tall Clubs International is a Chicago-based organization for tall people, and no, we are not making this up.  The club has recognized tall-friendly products like the California King bed and certain fashion designers that cater to the vertically gifted, and now the Ford Transit Connect is joining that distinguished list.

“People of a certain stature have to make special considerations for head and leg room when out buying a new car,” said Brian Comeno, president of Tall Clubs International, in a press release. “Car shopping is very tough, and if you are concerned about fuel efficiency, smaller is sometimes the way to go.

“The Transit Connect provides both comfort and fuel efficiency, giving people who are vertically gifted important factors that go into purchasing a new vehicle.”

Are you a vertically gifted individual that has had trouble finding a car?  Share your struggle with us in the comments below.