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Ford Volunteers Engineer Special F-150 Power Wheels for Children with Disabilities

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Ford F-150 Power Wheels Wyatt Beard

Ford volunteers recently applied their engineering know-how to the task of building seven special Ford F-150 Power Wheels trucks for children with mobility issues. One child, Wyatt Beard, is unable to walk without help; his yellow F-150 Power Wheels will serve as a powered wheelchair that will provide him a degree of independence as he begins to explore the world around him.

“The idea that he is going to be able to get himself around on his own will be fantastic,” said Billy Beard, Wyatt’s dad, “And the opportunity for him to have a little more independence. We’re very excited.”

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The trucks were provided to children at the Beaumont Center for Exceptional Families in Dearborn. Each truck is built to accommodate the particular needs of its owner, with added functions including foam support padding and harnesses.

The endeavor was one of the 40 different projects undertaken by Ford volunteers as part of the recent Ford Accelerated Action Day. Approximately 700 Ford employees teamed with members of the Ford Volunteer Corps to complete several projects in the United States, while Ford Fund contributed $700,000 in grants to fund global volunteer projects.

“It’s a wonderful way of giving back,” said Carol Boggs, buyer, Body and Exterior Purchasing. “It ignites that sense of caring and giving and bringing others together.”

“It makes you appreciate the culture at Ford and how their mission is to make people’s lives better,” said Mona Ali, analyst, Ford IT. “They do that not just with their products but with Ford Fund and volunteering. It makes me proud to work here.”

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