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‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Official Trailer Has Just Dropped

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Netflix Drive to Survive trailer
Photo: FORMULA 1 | Netflix

Season 2 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive drops globally on Netflix on Feb. 28, and with excitement for the upcoming F1 season mounting as we get closer to March 15, the new series is bound to be one of the most-viewed Netflix shows in early 2020. Until then, however, you’ll have to make do with the new Drive to Survive trailer that Netflix just put out.

Like the first season of the show, the second will be made up of 10 episodes, each following the teams, drivers and personnel behind the scenes of the sport throughout the 2019 season. And, for the first time, Netflix was granted raw inside access to all 10 teams.

It’s unlikely all drivers will get their fair share of screen time, however, and based on how the first season was directed, you can expect Drive to Survive to create a few hero/villain narratives that may or may not be rooted in reality. Intra-team conflict has always been a major presence in the sport and it’s certainly something that makes for interesting TV, even if things are never as black and white as they may seem.

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From the trailer, there’s good reason to expect the show will focus on Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz Jr, Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc, and Nico Hülkenberg, all of whom have had fairly eventful 2019 season. It will also likely focus on the Haas F1 team (featuring the return of the beloved Guenther Steiner), the Red Bull Racing team and Christian Horner, and of course, that race in Germany.

Let’s hope, however, that the series won’t be full of canned sound effects such as the ones used for the pit stop featured at the end of the Drive to Survive trailer. Not everything needs to be dramatized to be interesting!

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