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Harry Mack Spits Bars on Test Drives in New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Commercial

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Harry Mack Freestyle Test Drives

Imagine heading into the dealership for a test drive and linking up with a salesman who seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill dude. He puts you in the driver’s seat of a 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and you head out on the road together. Somewhere along the way, he puts on a beat and just starts ripping bars about Super All-Wheel Control and 18-inch alloy wheels. That’s because you’re riding with Harry Mack, one of the most skilled freestylers out there today.

This is precisely what a few lucky folks got when they unknowingly became part of Mitsubishi’s newest ad campaign, “Harry Mack Freestyle Test Drives.” The campaign is everything it says on the tin: Folks test-drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and Mack raps about all the stuff that makes it appealing. Did he get in a rhyme about how the chrome shines so bright that it blinds you like an eclipse? Uh huh.

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It’s not quite Black Thought going off the top of his brain for 10 minutes on HOT 97, but that’s about the best freestyling you’ll ever see from a guy wearing a red Mitsubishi Motors polo. Plus, he got at least one firm buy out of it, so maybe Mitsubishi needs to just keep Mack on the payroll. Four flame emojis out of four.

“The idea of applying my freestyle skills to the test-drive concept appealed to me right away,” said Harry Mack. “I love challenging myself creatively and working with Mitsubishi gave me the opportunity to do something different that I think viewers will enjoy.”

Mack’s skills as a lyricist are undoubted, and his ability to think on his feet in just about any situation — including at the wheel of a crossover — has helped earn him the respect of fans, peers, and even his idols.

How do you know you’ve got chops? When a Pulitzer Prize winner tells you that you’re great in his eyes and you inspire him.

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