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Japan Gets Second e-POWER Nissan Vehicle

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Nissan Serena e-POWER van in whiteThe Nissan Leaf is a groundbreaking electric car and one of the first commercially successful EVs on the market. However, American consumers aren’t getting the whole story when it comes to Nissan’s electrical prowess. In its home country of Japan, the company launched its e-POWER system in the Nissan Note in 2016 and this month it rolled out a new model, the Nissan Serena, to consumers.

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Whereas the Nissan Leaf is 100% electric, the e-POWER system’s battery and electric motor are supported by a gasoline engine. Nissan explains that traditional hybrid cars use both an electric motor and a gasoline engine to move the car forward depending on conditions, but in the e-POWER’s case the engine never supplies energy to the wheels. Any gas usage is solely to charge the EV battery. The system eliminates the need for an external electric charger and eliminates any anxiety drivers might have about running out of battery when driving long distances. According to Nissan, the e-POWER vehicles have fuel economies similar to traditional hybrids and the energy savings are the most dramatic when the cars are commuting in town and traffic.

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The Nissan Serena with e-POWER provides Japanese customers with a way to drive green while still transporting big groups of people or a lot of gear. Besides the innovative powertrain, this Nissan Serena will also be equipped with Nissan’s latest safety technologies and ProPILOT for autonomous driving in one lane on the highway. Not going to lie, we hope that one day this smart minivan comes to the United States.