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Lexus Canada Teases New Concept Vehicle

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Lexus Concept Car
Photo: Lexus

Lexus has big plans on the horizon for 2021 — but the automaker isn’t giving them away just yet. In a press release, Lexus Canada teased an unnamed new concept car, which is meant to be an emblem of the brand’s new direction.

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What we know so far

Lexus LF-30 Concept Reveal-9
Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept, Revealed in 2020
Photo: Lexus

According to Lexus International President, Chief Branding Officer Koji Sato, “Lexus will take a new step forward in aiming to make the diversified lifestyles of our customers more rewarding.” That seems to suggest that the automaker intends to release a wider variety of models in the coming future, likely expanding the lineup beyond gas-powered sedans and SUVs. Of course, Lexus probably won’t hedge its bets on heavy-duty trucks or performance coupes, but it would be nice to the brand introduce something above the LX, a rugged variant like the Lexus GX Overland Concept, or electrified versions of models in its current lineup.

Sato further addressed the teased model, stating, “This Spring, we will unveil our new brand vision, along with a new concept, which illustrates our intentions for the future and marking the beginning of the next generation of Lexus. Furthermore, we will launch the first model under our new vision within this year, and we will continue to introduce new models next year and beyond.”

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Speculation about future models

Lexus GX Overland Concept
Lexus GX Overland Concept, Revealed in 2020
Photo: Lexus

This new concept model will almost certainly boast DIRECT4, the brand’s new electric drive control system, which it revealed in December. It’s designed to provide an intuitive driving experience by precisely managing how torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels.

When it comes to expanding the lineup, 2021 could be the perfect chance to revisit the tech featured on the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept, which wowed audiences last year at the Canadian International Auto Show. Robert Tsang, Director of Lexus in Canada, described the model as “an expression of our vision of an electrified future.” If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to expect features from the LF-30 to appear on an upcoming production model.