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Long-Wheelbase BMW X1 Coming To China

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BMW X1 Long WheelbaseThe automotive world is all abuzz about China and its growing market of car buyers. Many automakers are releasing whole lines of vehicles tailored to Chinese shoppers, and some brands are choosing to modify their current models for Chinese desires. BMW is making the second choice, and recently unveiled a BMW X1 Long Wheelbase model that will be offered exclusively in China, at least at first.

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The wheelbase of this X1 means that the backseat is considerably more spacious than in the standard model, and there is additional storage space in the back of the vehicle. This could possibly make it more comfortable as a chauffeured vehicle, and also offers more space for families with children. Chinese shoppers will also be happy to know that their X1 will be built at BMW’s plant in Tiexi plant in Shenyang, so their purchase will help their nation’s economy.

A longer wheelbase requires additional engineering, so the engineers at BMW have developed a single-joint strut suspension for the front of the vehicle and a multi-link rear axle for a safe and comfortable ride. A combination of steel and strong aluminum helped the vehicle loose pounds to make it more efficient and nimble on the road.

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The longer BMW X1 will still offer all of the features of the international model, including the all-new engine lineup rolling out around the world that optimizes efficiency without a loss of power.  The BMW X1 is also equipped with the Driving Assistant suite of safety features, such as a lane departure warning and collision warning. If China takes to this new vehicle, time will tell if more vehicles will be adapted for Chinese tastes.