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Marchionne Promises New Ferrari Annually Through 2018

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He also says that you "need one of these cars in your driveway." No arguments here, but I think Sergio might be vastly overestimating our budgets.

new Ferrari

The Ferrari 458 Spider. Pretty.

At the tail-end of today’s enlightening Fiat-Chrysler press conference in Auburn Hills came a delicious little nugget about one of the world’s most well-known brands. Sergio Marchionne addressed the Ferrari brand by confirming that there will be a new Ferrari launched every year between now and 2018.

Each new Ferrari will have a four-year lifecycle, according to Auto Blog, with subsequent “M” versions then produced on a separate four-year cycle. Marchionne also stated that Ferrari will not be increasing production volume any time soon, reaffirming the 7,000-unit cap that has been the norm for the niche brand in years past.

Gallery: The New Ferrari F12berlinetta

new Ferrari

The Ferrari F12berlinetta

Marichonne did, however, give credence to the possibility that production could rise to the 10,000-unit level at some point in the future. He also made it a point to mention that Ferrari’s stock is “where it belongs,” which is to say that 90 percent of the brand’s value is controlled by Fiat and Fiat shareholders.

As for the new Ferrari models that will launch annually between now and 2018, Marchionne didn’t mention anything specific, though he did quip that “you do need one of these cars in your driveway.”

Sounds agreeable, Sergio. You can feel free to put one there if you’d like. I’ll wait.

Yes, I’d Like a New Ferrari 458 Spider. You Buying, Sergio?