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Mazda Exec Stirs Rotary Return Hopes

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Writing about Mazda sometimes feels a little like being part of a flock of seagulls in “Finding Nemo.” Every once in a while, someone in Mazda’s global network says something about rotary engines coming back and everyone immediately sits bolt upright and stares at the speaker.

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Finding Nemo seagulls

Thus it was that I sat bolt upright and stared in the direction of England, as Mazda Europe’s vice president of communications, Wojciech Halarewicz, said in an interview that his personal dream of a new rotary sports car was getting closer due to Mazda’s electric aspirations. Apparently, since Mazda has been tapping the rotary engine for electric-car range extenders, it has ramped up investment in the technology.

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Halarewicz implied that Mazda might potentially bring a rotary sports car to market if electric and other sales volume increased enough. Specifically, he told publication Piston Heads, “[…] if you asked me if I want a rotary sports car at the top of the range, I’d say yes I’d love to have one. Many of my colleagues would too. So it’s a matter of keeping the sales growth going to make sure we can do one in the future.”

Finding Nemo more seagulls

Really, though, after the initial heavy-breathed excitement, this is pretty much in line with Mazda’s attitude toward the rotary engine. It will make a rotary engine if they make enough money and it makes sense to do so. So, I guess when Mazda comes out with its electric and hybrid cars, we all need to go out and buy it.

News Source: Piston Heads