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Mazda Service Appointments Now Scheduled through XTime 

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Scheduling service appointments for your Mazda will become a lot easier
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We’ve all been frustrated with the tedious task of scheduling a service appointment for a vehicle. You call or go to the dealer’s website only to find the time slot you requested has already been taken. It becomes a game of tossing darts at a board until one of the times you request, usually the most inconvenient for you, finally sticks.

Xtime, a customer retention solution for automotive manufacturers and dealer service departments, has revolutionized the ease of scheduling service appointments by providing integrated service recommendations, pricing, scheduling, and service lane check-in.

Mazda North America has announced an exclusive partnership with Xtime in order to improve its customers’ experiences. Henceforth, Mazda service appointments can be made through Xtime.

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Scheduling Mazda Service Appointments Will Become a Whole Lot Easier

Through the change, Mazda Service Scheduler will integrate Xtime’s cloud-based Scheduling 7 for improved efficiency. Mazda owners in need of an appointment can schedule anytime online or through smartphones, browsing options based on availability, adviser, and transportation.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve the customer experience and are thrilled to partner with Xtime to help us reach our goals,” said Tim Manning, Director of Customer Service for Mazda NA.

Xtime President Neal East, also stated, “A partnership with Mazda is a great fit, as we are both committed to providing a world class experience across the vehicle ownership lifecycle.”

Other benefits of the new partnership include Check-In 7 (allowing representatives to obtain immediate information on tablets), online booking experience statistics, maintenance schedule recommendations, online user accounts, vehicle inspection via tablet, and full DMS integration with existing systems.

Xtime’s approach is being called the “next generation” experience for customer ownership, and it’s likely-increased ease of use will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Source: Yahoo Finance