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Mitsubishi Announces New Advertising Campaign to Promote the Eclipse Cross

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Those following along with Mitsubishi news already know that the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is making its way to dealership showrooms nationwide. But in order to advertise to those who don’t necessarily keep up with publications like The News Wheel, Mitsubishi is launching a brand new advertising campaign called, “A Classic Reborn.”

This ad campaign frames the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross redesign and reintroduction of the well-known Mitsubishi Eclipse nameplate, a sports sedan that was discontinued several years ago. The new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a sporty crossover, appealing to a more mass market as American buyers’ needs have changed over the years.

Mitsubishi is using several ad spots, featured on their YouTube channel and major television networks, to highlight the Eclipse Cross’ new look. This is the most Mitsubishi has spend on media advertising in 11 years. Musicians Damien Escobar and William Joseph teamed up to create the music for the spot, combining the sounds of violin and piano to create a spectacular soundtrack.

“The juxtaposition of classical instruments playing a contemporary song [‘I Wanna Rock’ by Twisted Sister] adds emotion and intrigue to the cinematic footage of the Eclipse Cross,” said Mitsubishi’s chief marketing officer, Francine Harsini.

The Eclipse Cross is a sleek, stylish, and sporty crossover driving into Mitsubishi’s lineup. Plus, with a $23,295 MRSP, it’s affordable too.

“You get a lot of bang with your buck with the Eclipse Cross,” said John Butler, the chief creative officer at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. “[It has] distinctive styling, it’s fun-to-drive, and has a ridiculous amount of technology.” The spot features dramatic shots of the Eclipse Cross as it drives through the night. “The product speaks for itself, we didn’t feel we needed to create a false sense of reality around it.”

Watch the full ad spot below:

News Source: Mitsubishi