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Mitsubishi Is Reportedly Set to Shift the Sizes of Its SUVs

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Mitsubishi has plans in place to increase the size of the Outlander while decreasing the size of the Outlander Sport

Mitsubishi SUV Lineup
Get ready to see some major differences in Mitsubishi’s SUV lineup
Photo: Mitsubishi

Crossovers and SUVs are currently important for any automaker, but they are especially important for Mitsubishi. It’s also vital for Mitsubishi to keep its crossovers distinct from one another.

In order to accomplish this, Mitsubishi is reportedly redesigning its SUV lineup to increase the size difference between them.

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Currently, the Mitsubishi Outlander, Outlander Sport, and Eclipse Cross are quite similar in size, especially compared to the size differences found between SUVs in other automakers’ portfolios. Reports suggest that could all be about to change.

Said rumors state that the Outlander is set to grow in size, while the Outlander Sport will become smaller. The Eclipse Cross will reportedly only see minor changes in its size, if any changes at tall.

Currently, the Outlander is 184.8 inches long, with the Outlander Sport clocking in at 171.9 inches long. The Eclipse Cross measure 173.4 inches long, barely a difference from the current Outlander Sport.

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That isn’t the only way that Mitsubishi will inject some diversity into its SUV lineup. The Eclipse Cross will reportedly receive a hybrid variation in the future, akin to the current Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi could even introduce the Engelberg Tourer Concept it unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

These changes come at a time when Mitsubishi’s internal leadership is experiencing changes of its own. Osamu Masuko recently stepped down as CEO of Mitsubishi, with Takao Kato taking over the position. It will be interesting to see what other major changes the Mitsubishi lineup experiences with Kato at the helm of the company.

News Source: Autoblog