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New Mitsubishi Plug-In Commercial Vehicle is a Working Man’s Van

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Mitsubishi Plug-In Commercial Vehicle

The Mitsubishi Plug-In Commercial Vehicle (aka an Outlander PHEV minus a couple of seats) will debut at CENEX 2014

Who says that sports cars, minivans, and sedans get all the glamour?  Why must small cars be the only vehicles that bear a hybrid badge?  Where is it written that a whole article cannot be composed entirely of questions?  (Ok, we’ll stop).

Mitsubishi is the company with all the answers to our first paragraph barrage.  The company will unveil the United Kingdom’s first commercial plug-in 4×4 van at today’s CENEX 2014 Low Carbon Vehicle Event.  Appropriately called the Outlander GX3h 4Work, this petrol/electric bangers and mashup has the interior sophistication of the previously released and award-winning Outlander PHEV and also offers the ability to off-road through the environment without doing too much damage.

It’s powered by a combination of electric battery power and good old-fashioned gasoline.  Or petrol, if you want to be all Downton Abbey about it.  Using strictly the battery, the Outlander GX3h 4Work has a range of roughly 32.5 miles.  That should be perfect for most businesses and their daily operations.  It’s rated at 148 MPG and only produces 44g/km of carbon dioxide.  These paltry figures make it eligible for some substantial discounts courtesy of the UK government and allow it to avoid the costly London Congestion Charge.

“The Outlander Gx3h 4Work represents a significant cost reduction for companies running fleets of vans and independent businesses that need a reliable all conditions, all weather work-horse,” said General Manager of Product Planning for Mitsubishi in the UK Mike Thomas.

Much like the Outlander PHEV, we’ll be anxiously waiting to see if/when the Outlander GH3h 4Work ever sails across the pond.  Its debut is probably too late to unify the two sides arguing over Scottish independence, but it has to be more universally appreciated than haggis.

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