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Mitsubishi Scores Seven Awards in 2017 Automotive Performance Index

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2017 Outlander Sport GT

Each year the Automotive Science Group™ assesses hundreds of vehicles in an attempt to find those that truly stand out within their classes and with respect to their environmental, economic, and all-around performance.

The environmental performance metric focuses on each vehicle’s life-cycle carbon footprint measured by CO2-equivalent emissions, from the materials extracted to build the car through vehicle use and end-of-life; while economic performance is based on each vehicle’s cost of ownership.

All-around performance is based on a combination of environmental and economic performance as well as social performance, which looks at the measures used in each vehicle’s production chain to protect the rights of those involved in manufacture and assembly.

Of the 31 industry brands and 805 vehicles the ASG assessed for 2017—which included every 2017 car and SUV available to North American consumers in the first quarter of the year, but excluded all two-seaters, convertibles, and vehicles exceeding $100,000 MSRP—Mitsubishi was easily among those most distinguished. Just take a look at the awards it received:

  • Best All-Around Performance Brand of 2017
  • Best Economic Performance Brand of 2017
  • Best Economic Performance Car of 2017: Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Best All-Around Performance (Compact Cars): Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Best Economic Performance (Compact Cars): Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Best 5 All-Around Performance (Compact Crossovers): Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  • Best All-Around Performance (Crossovers): Mitsubishi Outlander

The ASG lauded the Mirage for being the only car with a conventional combustion engine that earned a position on its environmental performance index, as well as for its claim to the lowest cost of ownership and best economic performance of any model year 2017 car in the North American market.

Source: 2017 Automotive Performance Index